Funny Friends

Who are the Funny Friends?

There are some letters that are great friends and  LOVE being together.  These are TH, SH, PH and CH. They are very  “funny”  because when they are together they don’t make their own sounds they make different sounds.”

How to teach digraphs?

We teach SH /ʃ/,  PH /f/, CH /tʃ/,  TH. /θ/ and /ð/   at the same time as learning the alphabet. This is because there is a high level of predictability between these letter combinations and their phonemes therefore they should be learnt in the same way as a child would learn a letter in the alphabet.

What are the simple alphabet sounds?

The simple alphabet sounds are the basic simple sounds in the English alphabet that children always learn first.

21 consonant letters ( b = /b/  c= /k/  d = /d/     f =/f/ g=/g/ h=/h/ j =/ʤ/ k=/k/ l = /l/ m = /m/ n = /n/ p=/p/ q = /cw/ r = /r/ s= /s/ t = /t/ v=/v/ w=/w/ x = /xs/ y = /j/ z =/z/) and the 5 vowel Simple Alphabet Sounds.  (a = / æ/ e = /ɛ/ I =/ɪ/ o = /ɒ/ u =/ʌ/) 

Who are the Cool Consonants?

The cool consonants are single consonant letters which can have two different phonemes. We call the consonants which make 2 sounds the “Cool Consonants” because they are cool as they can make two sounds!

The cool consonants letters are;

G which can sound like /j/ as in “giraffe” or as /g/ as in “goat”

C which can sound like /s/ as in “face” or /c/ as in “cat”

Y which can sound like /y/ as in yellow or sounds like an /aɪ/ sound as in try, bye, fly, or as an /iː/ as in hungry or happy.

S which can sound like S as in spider or Z as in scissors

Who are the Vain Vowels?

Within many words in the English language there are words in which we can quite clearly hear the name of the vowels when we say these words. Think of plate or wait (Vain vowel A/aɪ/) or meat, or scene (vain vowel E/iː/) or ice cream.(Vein vowel I/aɪ/) soak, or hole, (Vain vowel O/əʊ/) beautiful or unicorn (Vein vowel U/juː/)

Who are the Singing Vowel and Surprised Vowel Twins?

The  singing “ee” /iː/and “oo” /uː/twins (as in cheese or school) and the surprised vowel twins are “oo” twins. /ʊ/ (as in good or book)

What are digraphs and trigraphs?

Digraphs are two letters which form one sound, and trigraphs are 3 letters which form one sound for example the phoneme  // in brown or mouth is spelt with ow and ou.