For parents and teachers

Guide for Pronics starter set

Book for english Pronunciation

1. Read the story book

Read the story to your child as you would any other story book. Get children to tell the story with you. Ask children to
say the rhymes.

2. Identify and pronounce the vowel sound in each rhyme

With the children identify and pronounce the target vowel sound in each rhyme. For example the “oh” /əʊ/ sound in hole and bowl. Careful with words with more than one vowel sound. The target sound in “spider” is the “uh” /ə/ sound in the last syllable, in flower it is the “ow” /aʊ/ sound in the first syllable, and in “turtle” it is the “ur” /ɜː/ sound
in the first syllable. You can listen to the 20 sounds being pronounced on the website.


3. Study the symbol chart

Look at the table at the back of the book where there is a summary of the rhymes and
symbols. Go through the symbols in the chart asking children to say the rhyme and sound
for each “Help Symbol”.

4. Stick the Stickers

When reading other books which are not from the Pronics series get children to stick the appropriate stickers above the vowel sounds in words that the child has difficulty
reading or pronouncing.

Book for english Pronunciation

5. Write words in the sounds book

 Children can write new or difficult words in the “Sounds Book” according to the vowel sounds they contain. The child should find the appropriate symbol page in the book. (The same word could be written in different symbol pages if there is more than one vowel sound)