How to teach phonics and pronunciation to children

How should a teacher or parent use Pronics?

Pronics materials can be used at any time from when children are 4 years old until they are 10.  You can teach phonics and pronunciation with our Pronics materials with native speaker children but also with children who are receiving just an hour or two of English each week. In the Teacher’s Guide you will find different children’s profiles and more detailed guidance on how you should use Pronics with children of all ages and contexts.

Pronics is a totally flexible system therefore you can use it alongside other English materials, and use those parts of Pronics which are relevant to your situation.

The central and essential component of the Pronics method is the learning of the dipthong and vowel sounds in the English language. Knowing these sounds is an essential part of speaking and reading in English correctly.


Phonemic Awareness
Vowel letters (AEIOU+Y)
Vowel sounds

Why is English pronuncation and spelling so difficult?

The consonants rarely cause problems for children learning to read as there is usually a one to one correspondence between letter sounds and letters.

It is the vowel sounds which cause the problems! There are just 6 vowel letters but there are about 20 sounds! This makes English one of the most complicated vowel systems in the world! No wonder children have difficulty.

Pronics teaches children to pronounce and learn these sounds perfectly. Scroll down to see how!

Learning to read with Pronics



Blending (putting sounds and letters together)

  1. Learning to read words with SAS letters and Funny Friends.
  2. Learning to read words with the Help Symbols

Blend and Extend

  1. Silent letters
  2. Blending with the “Cool Consonants”
  3. Pronics Sounds Book and stickers

Transition to independence

  1. Reading with the Help Symbols
  2. Vain Vowels
  3. Surprised and singing vowel twins
  4. Common diagraphs

Reading continual text

  • Starting to read continual text with and without the Help Symbols.